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Ten million for the world’s craziest spaces

Airbnb will distribute US$ 10 million towards the construction of exotic homes. In all, there will be 100 properties, of the most different formats.

And detail: this money will be donated to the people who have the best ideas. Yes, if you have a crazy one, just go to the Airbnb website and register by July 22nd.

One hundred people with the craziest ideas will receive $100,000 each to make their creations possible and, ultimately, bookable. Ideas will be judged by an expert panel for their originality, feasibility, the experience the space will provide guests, and sustainability.

The contest wants to explore different unusual dwellings, which can be objects of desire of other people. They will be classified in the "OMG!" inside the platform.

If your project is approved, you need to comply with a single rule: it is an exclusive rental agreement with Airbnb for one year. After that, the crazy house is yours.

Airbnb OMG - Virginia

Airbnb OMG - Key West

Airbnb OMG - Utah


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