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2021 migration trends

As the chart above shows, Miami and a flurry of other Sunbelt destinations are briskly gaining favor. So far in 2021, four of the fast-gaining talent magnets are metro areas in Florida. Another three are in Texas, with single cities in California, Colorado, Tennessee, Utah and Georgia rounding out the list.

In recent months, Bloomberg’s wealth reporters have gleefully chronicled Florida’s emergence as a sunnier version of New York City, down to the most striking details. As they put it in a September feature, “the Covid-19 pandemic supercharged a migration of Manhattan elite — fueling a surge in the region’s luxury real estate, golf-club memberships and private-school enrollments.”

Ramble through the Miami-West Palm Beach metro area, and you'll now find a Harry’s Bar that closely matches Manhattan’s long-time favorite. Need a doctor? Well-known New York medical establishments such as NYU Langone and Mount Sinai have set up Florida’s outposts. Even Florida’s elite private schools are making adjustments that help transplanted New Yorkers feel at home.


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